Happy birthday

Celebrate your birthday on a golf course!


If you have a 365 days Golf Passepartout subscription active, you can celebrate your birthday playing for free in several golf clubs.

You could seize this great opportunity to celebrate with your friends on the golf course. And if you would like something more for your birthday, ask us about the special "Golf birthday planning".

How it works

To play for free the day of your birthday you need an active 365 day subscription and you have to show your card Golf Passepartout to golf club receptionist to be recordered.
The card terminal will show on the display the right of free access at the course.

Remember to bring with you the card to allow at better rates and play for free the day of your birthday.

Attention: your identity must be verified to enjoy this promotion

Pay close attention to let verify your identity by a golf club of Golf Passepartout network before going to play the date of your birhtday.
To let verify your identity you have to complete your profile and add a photo of you in your account section.

Where you can play for free

The day of your birthday you can play for free in the following golf clubs: