Transfer your credits


Transfer your credits to golf friends!

You can easily transfer green fees to a friend of yours.

One of the best features of Golf Passepartout is the ability to transfer green fees to other players.
Just in case you wish to make a gift to a friend, you can buy all the green fees you like and transfer them, or a part of them, to a friend choosen from your golf friends list.
The same if you have bought a green fee that you will not be able to use before its expiring date.

Before trasfering green fees, the golfer who will receive the green fee must be present in your golf friend list.
This is important to garanty your privacy and make the transfer fast and easy.

How golf friends list works

Friends list is very simple to manage.

You can easily add any golfer with an active account with identity verified in Golf Passepartout website just sending him a request to connect.
You'll be connected to another golfer when he accept your request or you accept the request of someone else.

You can see an example of the golf friends list below.

# Surname Birthday Subscription Status Edit
1 Brown 16-12-1976 Pending
2 Smart 10-08-1953 Linked
3 Smith 10-04-1956 Linked
4 Goose 09-11-1982 Linked