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Golf Passpartout card is strictly necessary to use the green fees and the subscriptions purchased on this website.
For this reason you need to get a Golf Passpartout card and match it to your profile before buying facilities.

Get a Golf Passepartout card


Get the Golf Passepartout card is very simple. You can find it in several places around you or directly at GoGolf Point.

Regular price is € 10, but you can take the opportunity to get it with discount or for free from some affiliated partners.
Look at the sellers list to find the better opportunity to get the Golf Passepartout card.

Where to get it

  • Affiliated golf clubs
  • Affiliated pro shops
  • GoGolf Points

Match the Golf Passepartout card

Match a Golf Passepartout card with your account is fast and easy.
Just sign in, go to "Active and manage your card" page from the menu "My account" and type the activation code printed on the back of the card where required.
The new card is ready to be used in real time.

And if you loose or forget your card, just get another one and replace the existing activation code with the new one. That's all.

A Golf Passepartout card can be matched with an account only.
Anyway it can be matched with different accounts unlimited times after disconnecting from the previous.